Quality of indoor air in offices is a growing concern for many workers

People who work in offices have higher expectations for the quality of the air indoors than they did three years ago.

Some say they would even quit their jobs or organize co-workers if they felt the air quality wasn’t good enough.

The findings come from a new study of 2,500 office workers. The report was based on Honeywell’s third annual Healthy Buildings Survey of 2,500 office workers in buildings with 500-plus workers in the United States, Germany, India, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

Here’s what the survey found about American office workers in particular:

• Some 53 percent of surveyed U.S. office workers are very or extremely worried about their building's indoor air quality. That’s nearly double the 28 percent who expressed concern in 2022’s survey.

• 67 percent of surveyed U.S. office workers strongly agree that “the quality of the air they breathe has a direct impact on their health and well-being.”

Almost all of the American respondents – 98 percent – said they would take some kind of action if they were unhappy with the air quality in their offices.

They would:

●      Speak with a supervisor or leadership (60%);

●      Ask to work remotely (40%);

●      Rally other workers and raise the issue (34%);

●      Look for another job (21%).


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