Home and commercial dryer vent cleaning

Our company specializes in ventilation services – duct cleaning, sanitizer, duct installation and repair. If it’s duct-related, Dapper Ducts can help you.

We know how to modernize outdated dryer systems by using correctly sized exhaust systems (at least four inches), more effective material for hoses and more efficient venting systems.

Your utility bill will appreciate the improvement. And you will have much less lint lying and flying around your laundry room!

Safety tip for gas dryers

Check behind your dryer periodically to make sure something isn’t blocking the vent. Perhaps a shirt, socks or jeans fell back there.

If the air inflow is blocked, especially with a gas clothes dryer, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do not use the dryer until it the obstacle has been removed. And install a CO2 detector in an adjacent room to see if there is a buildup of carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas.

More ways to lick the lint problem

• Don’t just empty the lint trap. Wash the trap periodically to get rid of fibers and help the system work better.

We’re not the only ones calling for clean lint traps. United Laboratories, which conducts tests for the federal government, recommends it for both safety and efficiency!

• When possible, hang thick towels and blankets outside to dry. They take a long time to dry in a machine and they generate lots of lint.

• For maximum airflow, use an all-metal dryer duct. We can install it and make sure the dryer is getting the correct airflow.

Despite all these steps, the lint filter won’t capture every bit of lint.

Some will work its way into the duct, the vent and the dryer itself. Eventually the lint will accumulate until it slows the system and increases the chances of a fire. This all depends on how often the machine is used, and only you know that answer.

But when you see a buildup, call Dapper Ducts.

We serve all of New York City. We can handle dryers in businesses and homes, and we guarantee our work.

We’re on the job 24/7, ready to help all the New Yorkers who don’t lead a 9-to-5 life.

We clean, repair, sanitize and install ducts of all kinds, residential and commercial – and we guarantee our work!

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