Dust is coming out of my vents!

There’s nothing like specks of dust flying from your vents to make you nervous.

Fortunately, the fix usually is easy, provided you don’t let more dust build up in the future.

The ducts may need cleaning, or perhaps you simply need to install a clean filter. Left in place too long, a filter will become clogged with debris and particles and allow other dust and dirt to infiltrate the system and exit through your vents.

Do this on rare occasions and there’s no great harm. But long-term neglect will increase the chances of someone getting sick from breathing unclean air. Respiratory issues and itchy skin aren’t uncommon.

The accumulated particles will cause your system to work harder to deliver cooled or heated air, meaning higher power bills for you and a shorter life expectancy for your HVAC equipment.

The techs at Dapper Ducts NYC are authorities on ducts, vents, and other ventilation issues. We serve all of New York City and we guarantee our work.

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