Duct cleaning will help your commercial building

Guaranteed high air quality is always a strong selling point for tenants and occupants of commercial buildings, be they apartment houses, restaurants or offices. Air quality often is a concern for tenants, even more now as Covid-19 and its variants persist. And good air quality leads to happier employees. Poor indoor air quality can significantly hurt employees’ response times and ability to focus and it may also affect their productivity, according to a 2020 study by Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

How to clean your air

Dapper Ducts NYC provides top-quality, affordable air cleaning to improve air quality. Our trained professionals use high-tech equipment to capture and remove particles, dust, mildew, spores and other debris that accumulate in air ducts and HVAC systems. Our system provides top-to-bottom cleaning, from air ducts and coils to air handlers and plenums. And without dirt to slow airflow, your HVAC system will function with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. You get better indoor air quality and hold the line on AC costs! For a free quote, call Dapper Ducts NYC at 718 790-4606. Our locally owned company, based in Brooklyn, serves New York City and Long Island.

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