Duct cleaning helps clothes dry faster

Is your dry cleaner taking an unusually long time to do its job?

The problem may be ducts clogged with lint. Lint collects all through the system, not just in the lint trap, and it lodges in spots that are much tougher to reach.

That accumulated lint forces the dryer to need more time to dry clothes, which adds to the power bill and shortens the dryer’s life span.

But Dapper Duct technicians know how to clean a duct system from top to bottom. Actually, it’s more accurate to say bottom to top. Literally.

We’ll show you the results and we think your dryer definitely will work better.

We start by cleaning the dryer and the floor around it, then the walls and the discharge hose, which is vulnerable to rips and leaks. Our smart tools help us shake loose all the debris in the ducts themselves and capture it, never to darken your ducts again.

We even go to the roof to make sure nothing there can work its way into your ducts.

Dapper Duct NYC techs effectively clean commercial and residential duct systems. We serve Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

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