Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning will significantly reduce the chance of fires, improve your fireplace’s performance and find any problems with the structure.

Dapper Ducts of New York City provides excellent chimney cleaning services, thoroughly sweeping and inspecting the structure to ensure it is working efficiently and not endangering your family’s safety.

Our experienced technicians are pros at cleaning, inspecting and repairing chimneys. They remove soot, creosote and obstructions like bird nests, and they check the firebox, flue and flue liner to make sure they are directing smoke and toxic gases away from your building. As part of their work, they look for venting problems and chimney deterioration and they give you honest, accurate updates on your chimney’s condition.

Dapper Ducts, a locally owned company, is licensed, insured and certified to clean and inspect chimneys. We serve all five boroughs -- Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.

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P.S. Don’t tell anyone, but Santa Claus says we clean chimneys better than anyone else in New York City! Why? “No soot on my suit!” says Santa.

Chimney sweeps serving all of NYC

Dapper Ducts takes several steps to clean your chimney.

• Our high-tech cameras enable us to inspect your chimney and show us what’s inside.

• We use heavy metal bristles on long poles to brush the flue and to scrape away creosote, tar and other contaminants tat have attached themselves to your chimney.

• We clean it from the top and from the bottom. By pushing the bristles against the chimney we dislodge fireplace debris like ashes and splinters that accumulate on the flue liner, the damper and the smoke shelf.

• Our sweeps zero in on the smoke chamber/smoke shelf. This is where most chimney fires originate, and it’s often hard to access. But our techs have the tools and the determination to whisk it clean and make it safe for you and your family!

• We use an industrial vacuum to capture all the dirt, creosote and waste matter. Then we remove it from your home -- and we do it very neatly, without leaving a trace behind!

Our techs cover the area around your fireplace with a tarp and they wear “shoe booties” to make sure that no chimney dirt soils your home.

COVID-19 precautions

As part of our COVID-19 awareness, our techs wear gloves and masks. They clean their tools frequently, and they will thoroughly clean any of your property that they touch. We provide “contact-free” payment systems for your peace of mind.

We offer competitive chimney cleaning prices and we stand behind our work with a solid guarantee. We put our estimates in writing!

Dapper Ducts, cleaning chimneys in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx.

Chimney cleaning services detect fire hazards

An annual cleaning and inspection is vital for your chimney, whether you are burning wood, oil, coal, natural gas or another fuel to heat your home or business.

Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association say chimneys and vents should be inspected every year to uncover potential problems with fires, structural issues, and carbon monoxide, a poisonous, odorless gas.

Heating equipment is a leading cause of home fire deaths, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

One particular area of concern is creosote, a sticky substance that adheres to chimney walls. Creosote is very combustible and can lead to a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning if allowed to accumulate. (Creosote is most common with wood-burning fireplaces. Creosote is not a major problem with fireplaces using natural gas, a much “cleaner” fuel.)

Safety tip: To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, install detector alarms in your home and open the dampers before using the fireplace.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America urges people to promptly call a veteran chimney inspector and cleaner if they are worried about their chimney’s safety.

Some danger signs:

• You smell a strong odor coming from your fireplace. It may be tar or creosote burning

• Smoke from your fireplace is entering your living space rather than going up the chimney

• You believe you may have experienced a chimney fire

• You see flames coming from your chimney

• The fire doesn’t burn as effectively as it once did. This could indicate a clog or a buildup on creosote.

Dapper Ducts follows the guidelines established by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Our chimney sweeps are trained and experienced in dealing with the wide variety of chimneys in Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Their knowledge includes first-hand experience dealing with all sorts of chimney liners -- clay tile, metal and cast-in-place.

Our company is locally owned and we guarantee our work. Our employees are vetted before they are hired and they are well trained and well equipped.

Chimney cleaning helps efficiency, too

After Dapper Ducts cleans your chimney you will notice the fire burns more efficiently.

Our techs remove all sorts of debris and hazardous clogs -- nests made by birds and rodents, branches that fall from trees, and bricks that crumble or fall out of position.

They check for other trouble spots such as disconnected flashing, corroded fittings, cracks in the wall, loose chimney caps and masonry problems. On older chimneys, for example, the mortar sometimes falls out, creating gaps between clay liner sections.

Any of these snafus can make your fire burn less effectively and leave you cold.

“The gradual accumulation of soot can affect the way your chimney performs,” the Chimney Safety Institute reports. “Thick layers of soot can restrict the flue and as little as a one-quarter inch to one-half inch can make more difference than you might think. 

“Consider that a one-half inch buildup will restrict the air flow by 17 percent for a typical masonry fireplace chimney and by a whopping 30 percent for the average prefab.

“Birds and small animals also think your chimney looks like a hollow tree in which to set up housekeeping. Sweeps often find chimneys packed full of leaves, twigs and baby animals. The solution, of course, is a good cleaning and a chimney cap.”

Chimney repairs and fireplace repairs are among the services provided by Dapper Ducts. Our employees are skilled at making cost-effective repairs. They also arrive on time for appointments so you’re not stuck waiting for them!

Finding and fixing these problems now is much better than waiting until they get worse – usually in the dead of winter, when you really need a strong fireplace to ward off the New York chill.

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Tips from Dapper Duct for enjoying a safe chimney

• Many people think a fire in the fireplace is romantic, but the charm vanishes if the smoke goes into the room rather than up the chimney. The reason may be a simple fact of life: When it’s warmer outside than inside, the smoke has trouble rising up into the flue.

• Use dry firewood. Damp wood hisses and crackles and can’t generate enough strength to push the smoke upward. Use wood that was split at least six months ago – giving it time to dry. Don’t burn construction material, painted or treated wood, or Christmas trees.‚Äč

• Check nearby trees to make sure they’re far enough away that they can’t drop branches on the house or, worse yet, into the chimney.

• A chimney cap is a very good investment. It keeps debris and animals from entering the chimney.

• Even more important: Get a metal mesh fireplace screen to prevent sparks and embers from flying out of the fireplace and burning holes in floors and carpets.

Dapper Ducts serves all of New York City. Call or text us at +1(646)359-1438 if you have questions or want information about chimney cleaning costs.

We serve Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan -- and we guarantee our work.

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